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A new report identifies nearly 30,000 industrial sites in the U.S. — including hundreds in Pennsylvania — as “suspected industrial discharge sites” that may be at risk for leaching a class of toxic chemicals known as PFAS into drinking water supplies.

The chemicals don’t break down easily in the environment, which is why they’re called “forever chemicals.” The strength of their bonds makes them useful for waterproofing and stain resistance, as well as non-stick cookware, food packaging and firefighting foam.

PFAS have been detected at concerning levels in some water supplies, especially near military installations in Pennsylvania and across the country. Studies of some of the PFAS chemicals show a link to low birth weight, pre-eclampsia and increased cholesterol, as well as impacts to liver, kidney and thyroid health.

The nonprofit Environmental Working Group compiled the recent report, which maps potential pollution sites. In Pennsylvania, those include businesses such as paper mills and metal shops as well as sewage treatment plants and dump sites.”…