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“An unprecedented settlement between the state of Delaware and three chemical companies, including DuPont, will lead to tens of millions of dollars being spent on PFAS contamination clean-up.

DuPont, Chemours, and Corteva have agreed to pay $50 million immediately as part of the first-of-its-kind environmental justice settlement, announced by Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings Tuesday, July 13, 2021.

‘This is the largest environmental damages recovery ever secured by our state government,’ said Jennings. ‘It holds responsible to account for damage done to Delaware’s environment.’

Dubbed ‘forever chemicals,’ the compounds are found in a variety of products including Teflon and firefighting foam and are nicknamed as such because they never break down. The EPA has linked the chemicals to a multitude of health conditions including cancers, autoimmune disorders, and birth defects.

The $50 million in settlement money can be spent in three areas, including research, remediation, and ongoing testing of the state’s environment.”…