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“The American Chemistry Council (ACC) is no stranger to lying, misrepresenting the truth, and cravenly putting the profits of chemical companies above the health and safety of America’s workers and families.

One of the ACC’s current campaigns is to convince federal and state legislators to do as little as possible to address the growing toxic contamination crises caused by per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). If successful, the chemical companies represented by ACC can continue to use these toxic chemicals with little or no regulatory oversight and push cleanup costs for contamination crises onto state and local governments.

That’s why PEER and nine other groups have written to Massachusetts State Senator Julian Cyr and Massachusetts Representative Kate Hogan to highlight the distortions put forth recently by ACC at a public hearing of the Massachusetts PFAS Interagency Task Force. The purpose of this hearing was to ‘define PFAS chemicals using their chemical composition, identify the origins and pathways of exposure to PFAS chemicals, and consider their presence in the environment…’”