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“LANSING, MI — Michigan officials are advising people to avoid touching surface water foam as they hit the great outdoors for Memorial Day weekend.

The reminder comes from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, (DHHS), which says foam on lakes and rivers can contain unknown chemicals or bacteria, as well as high levels of PFAS, also known as ‘forever chemicals.’

Bright white foam that accumulates in agitated water or piles-up like shaving cream along the beach has tested positive for high levels of PFAS in some communities.

Natural foam without PFAS tends to occur in bays, eddies or at river barriers such as dams, DHHS says. It’s typically off-white and or brownish and may have an earthy or fishy scent.

The state advises people to rinse off soon after touching foam, particularly if they suspect the water may be contaminated with PFAS chemicals. The primary concern is for accidental ingestion, which becomes a greater risk the longer foam residue remains on the skin.

Touching surface water that may contain PFAS chemicals is not generally considered harmful, DHHS says…”