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“…Sara Ganim calls her movie: No Defense. Focused on Oscoda, Michigan, a small town near a now-closed Air Force base, the poisoning isn’t from lead or the chromium-6 of Hinkley. It’s more PFAS (per- and poly-fluoro-alkyl substances)—the same stuff that sickened and dirtied Dark Water. The U.S. Dept. of Defense (DoD) is the biggest, most dangerous culprit. You will love the people you meet in Ganim’s remarkable documentary, who stand up to power.

You’ll also learn there is much more to do, and friends to do it with, same as Brockovich shows us in her book sans Superman. What No Defense makes clear is that PFAS aren’t restricted to just one area. The DoD is in the process of poisoning groundwater near you because—with 700 locations of old and active military bases in the U.S., and 800 more overseas—like a virus, its water is spreading a toxic pandemic. As Toni Morrison once said so beautifully, ‘All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was.’

Sixty thousand chemicals have been let loose without having to prove they are safe, forming plumes of poison in our water. A big Manhattan Project for our water begins to make sense. Some plume chemicals are described as hydrocarbons and called ‘organic’ to compound confusion. The toxin revealed in Dark Waters and No Defense, the PFAS, are known as ‘forever chemicals.’ Like now-banned DDT, PFAS ‘bioaccumulate,’ growing more dangerous as they intensify, going up the food chain. You have PFAS in your bloodstream; 99 percent of Americans do…”