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“CHELMSFORD – A licensed site professional, Paul McKinlay from Weston & Sampson, found that 15 out of 16 monitoring wells studied at 54 Richardson Rd. contain PFAS in a recently completed analysis.

Eleven of those wells contained PFAS levels over the state-mandated limits of 20 parts per trillion in groundwater. The two most impacted wells were located along Richardson Road, near the existing garage structure onsite, as he explained to the Select Board this week.

McKinlay also conducted a geophysical assessment of the site and found ‘a significant amount of metal objects’ there, which he said may require additional assessment.

As The Sun has previously reported, the site will be used as a temporary fire station as of Wednesday, May 5 as the existing one is being renovated, likely until October. Select Board members have raised concerns about this proposal, citing concerns that PFAS, or polyfluoroalkyl substances, have been linked to effects including low infant birth rates, immune system and hormonal effects and certain cancers, according to the Environmental Protection Agency…”