Read the full article by Claire Stremple (Alaska Public Media)

“Concerned residents in the Southeast Alaska town of Gustavus pushed state agencies to do more testing for contaminants before embarking on major construction at the city’s airport. The state found more toxic ‘forever chemicals’ at the site.

Now, the City of Gustavus and a local advocacy group want the state to stop work until their safety demands have been met.

The state had already broken ground on a big federally funded airport upgrade project when tests revealed previously undocumented PFAS contamination on asphalt at the site.

PFAS are a group of toxic chemicals found in firefighting foam which used to be required at defense sites — and airports like Gustavus’. They’re known as ‘forever chemicals’ because they don’t break down over time. There’s evidence they’re linked to cancer, thyroid problems and other health effects…”