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“DOVER, Del. — The Delaware Senate has passed a bill that purports to restrict the use of firefighting foam containing certain chemical compounds associated with cancer and other health problems while allowing continued use of the foam to fight fires.

The legislation approved Tuesday prohibits the discharge of firefighting foam containing added fluorinated organic chemicals known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS — except for fighting fires, fire prevention operations, and testing and training.

‘What is left?’ Sen. Stephanie Hansen, one of two lawmakers to oppose the bill, wondered after the vote.

Supporters of the bill noted that, while it allows continued use of ‘Class B’ foams in firefighting operations, it prohibits training or testing with the foams – which are particularly effective for fighting flammable liquid fires involving gasoline, jet fuel and oil — unless those activities occur at a facility that has implemented containment, treatment and disposal measures. It does not define or establish any standards for those measures, however…”