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“FAIRFIELD, Maine (WABI) – We’ve heard a lot recently about PFAS, the water repellant chemicals were used in a variety of products dating back to the 1940s.

PFAS are being phased out after evidence showed exposure can lead to health problems.

But in one Maine town, dangerously high levels of PFAS are being found in dozens of wells.

Since August, at least 52 private wells tested in Fairfield show sky high levels of PFAS.

The forever chemicals as they’re called because they don’t break down, are also showing up in food.

Now residents are demanding answers as well as changes.

Joy Hollowell with part one of her special report on toxic water in Fairfield.

‘As far as I’m concerned, I’m walking dead.’

Penny Harkins is among dozens of Fairfield residents reeling from the discovery of alarming levels of PFAS in their well water. Harkins has lived at her residence for 40 years.

‘I have been cooked, contaminated for over 40 years along with a lot of these people here,’ says Harkins, gesturing to the group of residents gathered behind her for support. Harkins says her husband passed away in 2014 from a massive heart attack. According to his doctors, he had no pre-existing conditions…”