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“Some Nassau residents have received letters from their water provider saying that their drinking water might contain toxic contaminants. The notices are part of a process passed into law last year.

The Water Authority of Western Nassau County sent the letter out, alerting residents that the water supply contains cancer-causing chemicals known as PFOS, PFOA and 1,4-dioxane.

Last August, the state passed a law that water providers must work immediately toward removing these contaminants if they are found in drinking wells. If the contaminants could not be removed within a three-month period, water authorities could apply for more time with a deferral.

However, if the deferral is granted, customers must be contacted with information letting them know that the water doesn’t meet New York’s new drinking water standards.

According to the New York state Department of Health, 21 water providers in Nassau and Suffolk have applied for more time to get the cancer-causing chemicals out of its water. The deferral gives the water provider two years or more to get filtration systems up and running…”