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“TRAVERSE CITY — Pine Grove neighborhood residents affected by PFAS-contaminated groundwater must wait at least another month before they can expect access to safe, clean, running water in their homes.

State and local environmental and health regulators updated those residents during a Monday afternoon virtual town hall meeting that covered costs, financing, timing and potential health risks. Officials discussed how one state grant fell through, but another was awarded to the project in Grand Traverse County’s East Bay Township.

Meanwhile, the 18 impacted households connected for well water north of the airport and U.S. Coast Guard aviation complex must continue to use a point-of-use filter at their kitchen sinks or delivered jugs of bottled water.

Hillerie Rettelle of Avenue B said she remains frustrated by the time line, and took exception to officials’ thanks for the residents’ patience for a solution. She said they ‘haven’t given us a … choice’ — her patience boiling over.

‘I’m beyond frustrated. I’m beyond inconvenienced in my own home,’ Rettelle said.

She had shoulder surgery last month, limiting how much weight she can lift. That makes cooking with water from the jug dispenser especially burdensome, Rettelle said.

‘And my own surgeon told me I shouldn’t shower in the PFAS water with my incision,’ she said, adding she instead washes every other day at her in-law’s home.

Township Supervisor Beth Friend said she understands residents must cope with the ‘hassle’ of bottle water or sink-side filters, and she empathizes with their worries about health risks.

‘I know how disturbing and concerning it is to find out this information,’ she said.

Grand Traverse County Environmental Health Director Dan Thorell said health risks associated with PFAS exposure include high cholesterol, thyroid conditions, certain cancers and fertility problems…”