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“The Environmental Protection Agency has acknowledged that a controversial pesticide used to kill mosquitoes in Massachusetts contains toxic chemicals that leach into the product from its container, and the manufacturer has agreed to change its packaging, officials said Thursday.

The state Department of Environmental Protection began testing the pesticide, known as Anvil 10+10, in the fall, after earlier testing by a Washington advocacy group found it contained elevated levels of toxic compounds known as PFAS. The federal EPA said separately it would conduct its own testing.

The so-called ‘forever chemicals,’ which are present in a variety of commercial products and never fully degrade, have been linked to cancer, low infant birth weight, and a range of diseases.

The EPA said Thursday it had determined that fluorinated ‘containers that are used to store and transport a mosquito control pesticide product contain PFAS compounds that are leaching into the pesticide product.’ It did not give details on the level of the compounds found in the pesticide…”