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“The State of Wisconsin recently released recommendations for the elimination of PFAS.

The City of Stevens Point Fire department began working towards a move away from these chemicals long before that.

Most humans are exposed to small amounts of chemicals known as PFAS daily. They occur in things like Teflon cookware, shampoo and conditioners, body deodorant, and fast-food wrappers.

First responders encounter it in the form of Class B firefighting foam.

‘Class B foam has been used for many years, it’s been around this department for many years,’ said. J.B. Moody, assistant fire chief.

Because PFAS don’t decompose, they can linger in our soil and water, in some cases causing harmful health effects.

‘When we started to learn about the potential dangers of PFAS, we took the lead,’ said Stevens Point Mayor Mike Wiza.

While the fire department has only used Class B foam five times in its history, the city wants to avoid any irreversible damages…”