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“A study on the health effects of PFAS is underway in Parchment and Cooper Township as well as the Belmont and Rockford areas. People in all four communities drank water contaminated with PFAS. Now the state is hoping those people will let researchers track their health over several years.

In a virtual meeting today, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services toxicologist Jordan Bailey said the study will help advance PFAS science.

Specifically, it will help ‘doctors to know which health problems to look for in people who have been exposed, and to increase scientists’ understanding of how PFAS exposure affects the health of a population,’ she said.

‘We are going to be quantifying many PFAS in these blood samples,’ she added. ‘Not just PFOA or PFOS.’
Bailey said participants will learn how much PFAS they have in their blood, ‘and add to the understanding of one’s community’s exposure to PFAS.’

Bailey says about 130 people have signed up so far. She adds the study will work best if thousands take part in it.”