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“DELRAY BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — An environmental watchdog group called Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, or ‘PEER,’ reports that there is an alarming level of ‘forever chemicals’ found in Delray Beach’s drinking water

The report, published in October, is based on samples collected by the city itself during an internal study.

The report finds over 113.15 parts per trillion (ppt) of forever chemicals, also known as PFAS in the city’s drinking water. 

PFAS are considered dangerous and some of these chemicals were banned in the United States because they were used for decades to make teflon, crease-resistant food packaging like pizza boxes, and a host of other things. However, the chemicals don’t break down over time, which is why they are called ‘forever chemicals.’

Though Delray Beach insists that the water is safe to drink because the amount of PFAS is within the EPA’s range of what is acceptable, a scientist with PEER tells the CBS12 I-Team that there is a difference between what is legally allowable and what is safe. 

‘There are thousands of PFAS chemicals that are carcinogenic meaning that they can cause cancer in some individuals and weaken immune systems,’Jerry Phillips, the Florida ‘PEER’ Director told CBS12…”