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“State health and wildlife officials are warning people not to eat the livers of deer killed near Marinette, where soil and groundwater are contaminated with hazardous chemicals known as PFAS.

But the Department of Natural Resources and Department of Health Services say the rest of the animal can be safely consumed.

The agencies issued the ‘do not eat’ advisory Tuesday based on tests of deer harvested within 5 miles of the JCI/Tyco Fire Technology Center in Marinette that showed “significant” PFAS levels in the animals’ livers. They said eating the liver of deer from this area is likely to result in ‘significant’ PFAS exposure.

The tests revealed six PFAS compounds in the deer livers. One compound, PFOS, was found in all 20 livers sampled at concentrations of up to 92 parts per billion. Lower levels of PFOS were found in the muscle tissue of one animal and in the hearts of two.

While there are no state or federal guidelines on PFAS consumption, the Great Lake Consortium for Fish Consumption Advisories recommends limiting consumption of fish with PFOS concentrations above 10 ppb. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection this fall recommended children and all women of childbearing age not eat fish with PFOS concentrations over 17 ppb…”