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“COLUMBIANA COUNTY, Ohio — Heritage Thermal Services owns the incinerator that’s been planted in an East Liverpool neighborhood for decades. But now the group will be appearing in federal court.

A lawsuit was filed in February of this year, where East Liverpool Incinerator was one of two companies listed as the defendant. It also involved the United States Department of Defense for its disposal of material containing PFAS chemicals at these two sites.

Twenty-six pages, four plaintiffs and four listed defendants make up the lawsuit which will be heard in federal court on Sept. 9.

The root of the problem is PFAS, also known as the “forever chemical”, which is in the firefighting foam previously used by the United States Military, now disposed of in places like this.

In the document, it states Heritage Thermal Services in East Liverpool was one of the facilities contracted to receive stockpiles of this material.

The document also states that this is a dangerous process because – ‘PFAS do not readily burn and are not destroyed under typical incineration conditions. Instead, uncombusted PFAS are emitted into the air along with other hazardous chemicals.’

Save Our County Inc. has been fighting the incinerator for decades and is listed as a plaintiff in the lawsuit along with the Sierra Club…”