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“SUMMERVILLE, Ga. — Families in Summerville have not had clean water for months now.

Back in January, the Environmental Protection Agency found PFOS and PFOAS in the water, above the recommended levels.

Latoya Covington has lived in Summerville her whole life and says times have been tough, especially for her family.

‘It’s kind of discouraging ya know, I’m having to buy bottle waters and gallons of waters to cook with and brush our teeth with. You can’t really ingest the water,’ Covington said.

In June, the City of Summerville increased their water bills by 25 percent in order to help pay for the solutions to their water crisis.

Residents saying they are using less water but are having to spend more on the bill.

Chattooga County advised residents of a water advisory boil earlier this month, saying that a sample from a well had fecal matter in it…”