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“In response to industry pushback, Wisconsin’s natural resources policy board has delayed temporary regulations on the use and storage of firefighting foam containing hazardous fluorinated compounds known as PFAS.

The Natural Resources Board voted unanimously Wednesday to table a rule to set guidelines on containment and disposal of the chemicals, which have been linked to cancer and other illnesses.

Board members cited concerns from industry groups and Republican lawmakers objecting to the Department of Natural Resources’ proposed standards for the amount of PFAS allowed in wastewater.

The rule was drafted in response to bipartisan legislation passed last year restricting the use of fluorinated foam to emergency situations and testing facilities that the DNR determines to have ‘appropriate containment, treatment and disposal measures.’

With the rule tabled until the board’s Sept. 22 meeting, the law, known as Act 101, will take effect Sept. 1 without definitions of those containment and disposal measures.

The law requires the DNR to adopt emergency rules by Sept. 7 that will remain in effect for three years or until the DNR can adopt permanent rules, a process that typically takes about 2.5 years.

Board members referenced an Aug. 7 letter from Wisconsin Manufactures and Commerce, Wisconsin Paper Council and Wisconsin Water Alliance and other groups claiming the DNR does not have the authority to limit the amount of PFAS in wastewater…”