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ALBANY, N.Y. – The New York State Department of Health today affirmed that the state is set to adopt drinking water standards for PFOA and PFOS – two man-made chemicals linked to cancer and other health issues. Once enacted, the newly implemented drinking water standard, at 10 parts per trillion (ppt) for PFOA and 10 ppt for PFOS, will be among the strongest in the nation.

A statement follows from Rich Schrader, New York Policy Director at NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council):

‘These drinking water standards are among the toughest in the nation and a necessary step in the fight to protect New Yorkers against this health crisis. But make no mistake: there are thousands of these toxic ‘forever’ chemicals that pose considerable risks to public health and the environment. New York is no doubt in a stronger position today than it was yesterday, but it must go even further by regulating PFAS as an entire class – not merely as individual chemicals’…”