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“DECATUR, Ala. – 3M is investigating PFAS, a broad group of materials once manufactured by the company, at a former Morgan County landfill off Old Moulton Road.

But one family that lives nearby is concerned about how long the investigation could take and what’s been done so far.

WHNT News 19 inquired about 3M’s investigation into the landfill. The company did not share any specifics.

When Kevin Robertson and his family relocated to Decatur years ago, they had goals in mind for their new home.

‘We decided to find some acres to move out on, and to start developing with some livestock and a garden with an orchard and that type of thing,’ he said.

Robertson explained, initially he thought the land was perfect for raising a family.

‘When we bought out here, one of the things that we really liked about it was there was a creek running through the property,’ Robertson recalled. ‘The kids would come back with tales of swimming in the creek, and getting bit by snapping turtles.’

That creek, is Mud Tavern Creek and it runs under the old landfill.

The Tennessee Riverkeeper said it’s contaminated with high levels of PFAS

After the company launched its investigation into the inactive landfill just a few miles from his home, Robertson said he hired a scientist to run tests on the well on his property…”