Read the full article by Johanna F. Still (Port City Daily)

“NEW HANOVER COUNTY — The non-profit North Carolina Stop Genx in our Water has secured its first grant, allowing the group to offer free under-the-sink reverse osmosis (RO) filters to low-income residents.

The filters are proven to nearly completely removal many per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

Worth $500, under-the-sink Hydroviv filters and a replacement cartridge are available to eligible individuals that apply. Each cartridge lasts about six months, so individuals that receive the free items should have at least one year of filtered water before needing to purchase another cartridge, which costs about $50.

The non-profit has 150 filters to share with low-income residents until supplies run out. The income limit is $25,000 a year individually (not based on households) and limited to one filter per household.

Beth Kline-Markesino, founder of North Carolina Stop Genx in our Water, previously worked to alleviate the Flint water crisis when she lived in Michigan. Activists in Michigan who had been awarded a Hydroviv grant suggested the company reach out to Kline-Markesino with the opportunity.

‘I just about dropped dead on the floor,’ Kline-Markesino said of receiving the company’s email. ‘Are you kidding? I’m so excited’…”