A paper on PFAS as a class, co-authored by Institute’s scientists, was published in Environmental Science & Technology Letters. View the full press release regarding the publication of this paper here.

To accompany the release of this paper, the Institute held a Zoom press conference with Linda Birnbaum and Detlef Knappe, a recording of which can be accessed at this link.

Legislation has been introduced in the U.S. senate that would act to reduce PFAS exposure among military families.

An op ed published in The Hill by Arlene Bloom, titled Will Congress finally address toxic ‘forever chemicals? focuses on the spread of PFAS pollution from a Solvay plant in New Jersey to the rest of the Northeastern U.S. The study on this contamination crisis was published in Science. A commentary published in the same journal focuses on the problems in our chemical regulatory system that allow for these contamination crisis to occur.