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“Construction activities continue on the temporary water treatment facility that will treat four of the city’s seven water wells that currently exceed water quality standards and guidelines for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). All seven of these wells have been taken out of service, and water delivered to customers continues to meet all state and federal water quality standards.

However, it is critical the city implement temporary treatment options as soon as possible to allow the city to meet water demand on peak use days.

The primary goal is to be producing water at the temporary treatment facility that meets all state and federal standards for PFAS as soon as possible. All four of the wells designated for treatment at the plant have been connected to the site. The process of bringing the treatment plant online began in late May and this work will continue into the summer. Full site construction will continue through the summer even after the facility is fully operational.

The 3M Company made PFAS at its Cottage Grove facility from the late 1940s until 2002. PFAS wastes were disposed of at multiple sites in Washington County. The source of the PFAS in Woodbury’s groundwater has been identified as these disposal sites.

The City of Woodbury is not paying for the estimated $11 million capital cost of constructing the temporary treatment plant. The 2007 consent decree between the State of Minnesota and 3M is funding the temporary water treatment plant. The State of Minnesota manages how the funds are used…”