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“New York, NY — Today, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that Hoosick Falls residents, a town that suffered massive PFAS contamination, may pursue medical monitoring from the company that polluted the town’s drinking water. The residents, some with alarming levels of PFAS in their bodies, sued Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, requesting that the company pay the costs for monitoring, so health problems can be identified early. The company unsuccessfully argued that the residents could not claim an injury and sue unless and until they showed symptoms of an illness. PFAS, are a class of highly persistent and toxic chemicals that are known to cause cancer, liver disease, infertility, compromised immune systems, and other serious health effects.

The following is a statement from Eve Gartner, managing attorney of Earthjustice’s Toxic Exposure and Health Program:

‘Mounting research links  PFAS to a wide range of serious health problems. Yet time and time again companies like Saint-Gobain polluted drinking water for thousands of people are now trying to shy away from their responsibilities. Causing Hoosick Falls residents’ bodies to be filled with cancer-causing chemicals undoubtedly constitutes an injury. We commend the court for this ruling as it protects public health and establishes an important legal precedent’…”