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“In order to build on the February 2019 PFAS Action Plan, the U.S. EPA is launching a PFAS Innovative Treatment Team (PITT). 

‘Our researchers are at the forefront of addressing per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) issues to protect our nation’s communities,’ said EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler in the press release. ‘Our world-class scientists are continuing their work under the PFAS Action Plan to understand and identify the potential health risks associated with these emerging chemicals of concern. This new approach will allow the agency to expand its efforts to develop innovative techniques to test for, remove, and destroy PFAS.’

According to the EPA, PITT is a full-time team that brings together a multi-disciplined research staff. This team will specifically focus on how to remove, destroy, and test PFAS-contaminated media and waste. PITT will use the lean organizational, management and R&D philosophies developed as part of Kelly Johnson’s Skunk Works and NASA’s Swamp Works, added the press release. The PITT aims to sustain a work environment that eliminates administrative and procedural barriers as a means of obtaining faster results. 

The goals for the PITT over the next few months, according to the EPA, include…”