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“WHITE PIGEON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — White Pigeon Paper Company was ruled as a PFAS site, The Michigan PFAS Action Response Team said.

They say a PFAS contamination investigation around the site determined that groundwater ‘well exceeded the groundwater cleanup criteria’ and some residents living in the area have been impacted.

Groundwater from 16 wells tested at the White Pigeon Paper Company exceeded criteria.

MPART said the paper company’s location will be added as a PFAS site on its website.

State officials say they tested 19 residential drinking water wells and found that three wells had equal to or more than the amount of PFAS advised by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The three houses impacted have been given bottled water until point-of-use filters are installed, the state says. Filters will also be offered to any resident in the area where PFAS was discovered.

The study will expand to include 14 additional homes to the east of the studied area. Those homeowners will receive letters in early April and will be offered bottled water and filtered water pitchers…”