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“FAYETTEVILLE — Due to the spread of the coronavirus, Chemours Co. has requested and been granted approval to temporarily suspend off-site private well sampling efforts and installation of filtration systems.

The N.C. Department of Environmental Quality made the announcement in a release Wednesday afternoon. Chemours is a chemical company located in Bladen County on the Cumberland County line along the Cape Fear River, and has been accused of contaminating the river.

This will not affect deliveries of bottled water, or results being provided to residents whose wells were tested prior to Wednesday. Residents with results awaiting the filtration systems will get bottled water delivered until installations resume.

The release says maintenance of reserve osmosis and granular activated carbon filtration systems will be provided as necessary as requested by the residents, and with their permission to be on the property or to enter the premises.

Public health guidance will dictate how DEQ directs Chemours to resume well sampling and system installations, the release said.

On March 12, a meeting was planned in Cumberland County and postponed because of concerns about the virus. Presentations for that meeting are now available on the DEQ website at Included are updates on progress and implementation of the consent order, information on the corrective action plan and updates on the private well-sampling program.

The website has information on well testing for residents in the vicinity of the Chemours Fayetteville Works Facility.

DEQ said a rescheduled date for the March 12 meeting will be announced when public health concerns are satisfactory.

Chemours is working through a consent order that involves DEQ, Cape Fear River Watch and the Southern Environmental Law Center. The settlement commits the company to speeding up plans to reduce chemicals reaching downstream public water utilities on top of paying $13 million in penalties and costs. The deal doesn’t affect lawsuits against Chemours or DuPont by residents and Wilmington’s water utility 100 miles downstream.

DuPont is the company which spun off Chemours in 2015…”