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“EMMET COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) — The first batch of samples testing for PFAS in Pellston water are in and 39 of the 54 detected at least some PFAS in the water.

These numbers are from officials from the Michigan Department of Environment Great Lakes and Energy.

Kenneth Svedek is one of the lucky ones.

We introduced him to you a couple weeks ago when he got his water tested for PFAS.

The results came back negative.

‘Oh, I was very happy that I have been drinking clean water,’ Svedek said. “I hope everybody else is all right too.’

Some of his neighbors, not so lucky.

134 wells have been sampled in the last two weeks.

There are results for 54 of them.

15 came back as non-detect.

28 had detections below the allowed amount

And 11 had levels above the 70 parts per trillion that is allowed.

Now, officials are helping out those who need it…”