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“SUMTER, S.C. — The Blue Granite Water Company is conducting their annual testing of 105 water systems around the state. That includes wells and purchased water systems with the utility.

On Wednesday, crews tested five wells in two Sumter subdivisions, Oakland Plantation and Pocalla Village, looking specifically for the chemical compound PFOS.

Those wells serve more than 500 customers in that area.

‘We did test last year in the Oakland facility only,’ says Rebecca Coates, compliance manager for Blue Granite Water. ‘We tested all three and each one of these wells came back clean.’

Concerns over the PFOS chemical in well water have increased after Shaw Air Force Base and DHEC detected the chemical in wells at two mobile home parks near the base.

Although representatives with Blue Granite say their testing is not in response to the discovery from Shaw. However, they do understand the growing threat of these contaminants, especially around Air Force bases and chemical manufacturing, known as “forever“ chemicals, because they do not break down and their impact to the human body is not fully known yet…”