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“City leaders in Summerville, Georgia are looking at sources and solutions after finding unsafe chemicals in their drinking water nearly two weeks ago.

Residents received a health advisory in the mail informing them that manmade chemicals PFOA and PFOS were discovered during water quality testing at the city’s Raccoon Treatment plant.

The advisory states the two chemicals have been used to make carpets, clothing, and packaging for food and because they ‘have been used in an array of consumer products, most people have been exposed to them.’

The City urged pregnant women, nursing mothers, and infants, those most sensitive to the chemicals, to consider using water from another source for consumption purposes.

Water can be used for washing foods, brushing teeth, bathing, and showering provided that care is taken to avoid swallowing water during those activities, according to the advisory.

While the city investigates treatment options for the raccoon creek treatment plant and the sources pouring into it, they are finding temporary ways to help residents.

Hundreds drove through a line at Summerville City Hall to pick up packs of free water donated to the city.

‘I have an infant granddaughter at the house so we’re having to use bottled water for her bottles of course and we have a lot of animals so we’re having to use bottles of water for their water as well,’ one woman said.

Others went across the street to fill their water jugs at a centralized fill station

Residents said after they learned they could be out of water for several months to a year, some are taking matters into their own hands.

‘That’s the reason I’m going to try and find me a filter that goes on my faucet in the kitchen that will filter those main chemicals out,’ another resident said.

Mayor Harry Harvey told Channel 3 the donated bottles of water and water tank outside the city hall are only temporary fixes.

‘… if there are people who are not comfortable with drinking tap water or with the water or have some greater susceptibility’…”