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“Scientists are designing a new study to test for PFAS, so-called ‘forever chemicals’, along the entire length of the Ohio River. Concerns are mounting about PFAS contamination in drinking water systems along the Ohio Valley. Studies have shown the contaminants in the drinking water of dozens of cities.

The scientists work with a multi-state commission charged with overseeing water quality on the Ohio River known as the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO).

The commission’s work has always included monitoring pollution in the river and it makes sense to examine these emerging contaminants, executive director Richard Harrison said…

ORSANCO plans to conduct two rounds of testing across 20 locations to measure the ambient levels when the river is both high and low, from the headwaters to its confluence with the Mississippi River.

Harrison said it’s possible testing could begin as early as this fall. The commission plans to do the sampling while EPA is expected to do the analysis.

‘This is an area where ORSANCO can really bring value to our stakeholders,’ Harrison said…”