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“Democratic Gov. Tony Evers has signed into law GOP-led regulations on the use of firefighting foams that contain a hazardous chemical that already has been found in Lake Monona fish.

The Republican-authored bill was signed Wednesday and limits where firefighters and others could test or train with foam containing PFAS. The new law also allows use of the foam only in emergency fire responses or in approved testing areas.

‘PFAS contamination of groundwater is a serious issue in northeastern Wisconsin and a growing problem in other areas of the state due in large part to the uncontained use of these foams,’ legislation co-author Rep. John Nygren, R-Marinette, said in a statement.

The bill passed both the Senate and Assembly on voice votes last month, but some Democratic lawmakers have argued the bill does not do enough to address the issue….

Democrats have introduced legislation that would require the Department of Natural Resources to establish enforcement standards for PFAS in air, water and soil and to hold polluters responsible for cleanup. The proposal has gained little traction with Republicans, who have said they want to take a more cautious approach.

Nygren has said he has been working with Democratic lawmakers on a measure that would help ensure legislative oversight over temporary emergency rules for PFAS chemicals the DNR could issue to protect property owners from contamination…”