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“Notice of Drinking Water Health Advisory Level Exceedance for Raccoon Water Plant
City of Summerville Public Drinking Water System

What happened?

On January 30, 2020 sample results came back showing combined levels of PFOA and PFOS in the finished water from the Raccoon Creek treatment plant of 98 parts per trillion, which is above the U.S. EPA Health Advisory Level. In addition, combined levels of PFOA and PFOS in the Goodwin Hill Tank were found to be 92 parts per trillion.
In light of the EPA Health Advisory, the City of Summerville, in consultation with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (Georgia EPD), determined that they needed to notify the public of this new information, and give an update on what it means and what they are doing about it. As more information becomes available, the City says they will provide additional updates…

What should you do?
Pregnant women, nursing mothers and infants are most sensitive to these chemicals and can reduce their potential risk by not consuming water from the City of Summerville public water system. In an abundance of caution, until further notice, these groups may want to consider using water from another source for consumption purposes. Recommendations for these sensitive groups include…

The City is providing notice by mail to all customers. The City has contacted local media, including newspaper, radio, and social media. The City provided direct notification to all elementary schools, day care facilities, and health care facilities.

Chattooga Schools Superintendent Jared Hosmer released the following statement Monday evening: ‘As most of you are aware, the City of Summerville is experiencing issues at its Water Treatment Plant in Summerville. Due to the current advisory released this afternoon from the City, the schools in the Summerville District will restrict the consumption of water from any and all water dispensers at each school. The school system will provide bottled water to students as necessary throughout the school day. The lunchroom at each school will prepare meals that do not require the use of water in the preparation. The schools at Lyerly and Menlo are not in the affected area of the advisory. The system will continue to monitor the situation and stay in close contact with the City of Summerville. We will provide updates to the situation as we gain new information. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your child’s principal or the central office.‘”