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“PARCHMENT, MI — A Detroit law firm filed a federal class action lawsuit alleging 3M and Georgia-Pacific are responsible for contaminating Parchment’s municipal drinking water.

Liddle & Dubin P.C. filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Grand Rapids Thursday, Nov. 1. Three Parchment residents, on behalf of others affected, are seeking financial compensation and funding to evaluate the health of people exposed to PFAS, according to the complaint.

Georgia-Pacific operated a manufacturing plant in Parchment and was responsible for closing a landfill used by other companies previously at the site. At least one manufacturer used a 3M-patented grease repellent which contained PFAS.

Parchment’s municipal well field neighbors the landfill, considered a likely source of contamination by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Tests found PFAS levels at one spot were 164 times greater than an EPA health advisory for human exposure.

The lawsuit alleges Georgia-Pacific failed to close the 84-acre landfill in a way that would prevent contaminants from leaching into the nearby water source…

The complaint alleges 3M engaged in a campaign of ‘disinformation and deceit’ which allowed PFAS to be used decades after allegedly determining its negative effects on human health.

‘Defendants knew or should have known of the likelihood that PFAS contamination would migrate into plaintiffs’ drinking water,’ the lawsuit states.

A 3M spokesperson said Thursday that it ‘acted responsibly in connection with products containing PFAS and will vigorously defend its environmental stewardship.’ …

The lawsuit seeks periodic medical examinations to detect diseases related to PFAS exposure. Health officials link exposure to pregnancy-induced hypertension, liver damage, increased risk of thyroid disease, cancer and other issues.”