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“LANSING, Mich. – To ensure continued efforts are coordinated between state and local agencies in response to the state’s PFAS contamination, Gov. Rick Snyder issued an executive directive to develop a readiness plan to manage the responses as more contamination is discovered.

‘Michigan is leading the nation in addressing this emerging contaminant,’ Gov. Rick Snyder said. ‘To ensure we continue to lead on this issue and protect all Michiganders, we need a framework that allows all agencies to respond quickly and effectively to contamination in our communities. Under this directive, Michigan will have a readiness plan in place to ensure a timely and successful response to PFAS threats.’

Through the work of the Michigan PFAS Action Response Team (MPART), the state will continue to assist communities respond to PFAS contamination that threatens public health and safety. The directive allows the state to be prepared to allocate state assistance to communities in need by establishing the needed coordination, planning, and access.

Snyder’s directive is effective immediately. Under the direction MPART, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) will work with state emergency management coordinators and local public health department directors to develop the readiness plan.

You can read the full directive here.”