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“SATELLITE BEACH, Fla. — It was a packed house Saturday at the Erin Brockovich town hall meeting at Kingdom Gate Worship Center on Satellite Beach…

Brevard County residents in the Satellite Beach area say it’s been going on for years, but this year, Patrick Air Force Base confirmed their fears, cancer causing chemicals found in the groundwater.

After air force bases around the nation tested positive for cancer causing chemicals PFOA, PFOS’ it was used in firefighting foam, stain-resistant treatments, waterproofing, non-stick coatings, mist control agents and other household items too.

The environmental activist says, after receiving several emails and seeing how organized city residents were about finding and documenting the cancer cases in their community, it was the right decision to come to the Space Coast to guide them in the right direction.

With Satellite Beach’s groundwater testing positive with cancer causing chemicals PFOA and PFOS’s and with more than 50 cases of residents getting cancer, it was clear for Brockovich, an environmental activist, that the surrounding areas of Patrick Air Force Base are contaminated…

Today Chris Bowman, a longtime resident since 1962 came forward and spoke about getting diagnosed with testicular cancer when he was 40. He told Spectrum News 13, he received a letter from Jim Bacchus in May 10, 1992 stating the following:

‘Knowing of your concerns about the cancer cluster reporter in South Patrick Shores and possible toxic dumping in the area, I want to update you on the final findings of the federal agencies involved in the case…. this report provides strong assurance to the residents that they are not threatened by environmental hazards and that their neighborhood is as safe as any in Brevard County’

Stel Bailey, a local cancer survivor and activist says, it was a community effort to get Brockovich to the area and with her help, they will know what to do next…

On Friday, Cocoa Beach reporter they found the cancer causing chemicals PFOA and PFOS’s in their water.

‘Of the nineteen (19) sampling locations, eleven (11) were above the USEPA LHA levels. These locations include the Patrick Air Force Base Lift Station, influent and effluent composite and single sample locations at the Cocoa Beach Water Reclamation Facility, Lori Wilson Dog Park Well, Monitoring Wells #2, #3, and #4, and the South Reuse sample location. The Patrick Air Force Base Lift Station showed the highest concentrations observed in the sampling.  Of the sampling locations that showed concentrations above the USEPA LHA levels, four (4) were groundwater, six (6) were from the sewer or reclaim systems, and one (1) was surface water. The four (4) northernmost sampling locations, Port Main Lift Station, Reuse North, Lift Station #5, and Lift Station #10 showed PFOA and PFOS present, but below the LHA levels. PFOS and PFOA were not detected in the Private Well or the Artesian Well.’
– According to the Cocoa Beach City’s Website.

Brockovitz says, people shouldn’t lose hope, it’s possible to clean the water up but its up to the people to voice their concerns and get their local government THE STATE to lower their guidelines.. if the EPA standards are 70 part per trillion to ask the state to change it to less or even zero.

‘Self-reporting, being your own activist, contacting local officials and showing up to meetings can make a difference,’ Brockovich says.”