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“TestAmerica Laboratories, the leader in environmental testing, is pleased to announce a new series of webinars addressing emerging topics related to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).  The webinars, which will debut on Tuesday, October 9 at 1:30PM EST, are part of TestAmerica’s groundbreaking Ask the Expert series, which provides a forum for learning and discussion about various pertinent environmental topics.

The new PFAS Webinar series will take a holistic approach to the discussion of PFAS, starting with an introduction to the basics of PFAS, followed by subsequent presentations which will address data defensibility, best practices and the evolving TOP Assay technique.

  • Part 1; PFAS Basics: An Introduction to the Chemistry, Sources, Regulation and Analysis.  Presented by TestAmerica Product Manager, Taryn McKnight, the first webinar in the four part series will cover the basic introductory topics associated with PFAS, including nomenclature, chemistry, sources, exposure, regulations, analysis and future concerns related to PFAS presence in the environment.  The presentation will be offered live on Tuesday, October 9 at 1:30PM EST.
  • Part 2 – PFAS: Dispelling the Myths & Producing Defensible Data.  The second presentation in the series will feature QED Senior Vice President, David Kaminski, with an exploration of myths and concerns associated with PFAS sample collection.  Taryn McKnight will join Mr. Kaminski to also address data defensibility and best practices to ensure proper laboratory adherence to method 537 modified.   The presentation will be offered live on Thursday, November 1 at 1:30PM EST.
  • Part 3 – PFAS: Advanced Discussion of Site Investigation Challenges and Best Practices. Karla Buechler, Technical Director at TestAmerica, will offer the third presentation in the series, an advanced discussion on topics ranging from the unique characteristics of PFAS, to treatment technologies and the current regulatory climate. The presentation will be offered live on Tuesday, November 13 at 1:30PM EST.
  • Part 4 – Closing the PFAS Mass Balance: The Total Oxidizable Precursor (TOP) Assay.  The final presentation in the series will examine the use of TOP Assay as a means of quantifying PFAS environmental risk through the measurement of non-discrete and difficult to measure PFAS compounds, which are not determined by conventional analytical methods.  Presented by Karla Buechler, the webinar will be offered live on Thursday, November 29 at 1:30PM EST.

TestAmerica is at the forefront of PFAS testing, with 20 years’ experience analyzing environmental samples for perfluorinated chemicals.  With three laboratories providing PFAS testing, TestAmerica offers unmatched capacity, quality and consistency for methods 537, ISO25101, 537M and PFAS by QSM 5.1Table B15, as well as testing options for TOP Assay and replacement chemicals GenX, ADONA and F-53B.”