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“Gov. Tom Wolf has signed an executive order establishing an action team to deal with perfluorinated chemicals, or PFAS, in Pennsylvania.

According to a copy of the order obtained by this news organization, the action team will be tasked with several functions, including: ensuring drinking water is safe and assisting authorities in delivering safe drinking water; managing environmental PFAS contamination and developing and implementing environmental response protocols; developing specialized site plans; reducing risks to drinking water and the environment from PFAS; identifying sources of the chemicals that pose the greatest risks, and ways to reduce and address them; and exploring funding for remediation.

The action team will be made up of the heads of several state departments and offices, including environmental protection, health, military and veteran affairs, community and economic development, transportation, agriculture and the state fire commissioner…

The order, which is dated Wednesday, takes effect immediately but it does not establish a timeline for when the action team must complete its functions. Press Secretary J.J. Abbott said the order is part of a full plan from the administration with multiple steps that will be announced Friday morning.”

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