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“Common chemicals found in a number of household products, including protective coatings on furniture and clothing, may be harming your pet’s health.

A new study has pinpointed a potential link between PFAS – a controversial group of man-made chemicals – and elevated levels of hyperthyroidism in domestic cats.

The findings suggest exposure to these chemicals may put cats at greater risk of endocrine disorders over time, leading to higher instances in the animals as they age.

In the study, researchers from the California Environmental Protection Agency analyzed blood samples from senior cats living in Northern California.

The team also examined the animals’ exposure to polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), which are highly fluorinated chemicals that can be found in both industrial and consumer products…

In comparing the PFAS levels between cats with and without hyperthyroidism, the researchers found a possible link between higher levels of the chemical and the endocrine disorder.”