“French brand L’Oréal has become the latest of six large cosmetics companies to commit to eliminating per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in its products, since December last year.

Swedish NGO, the Nature Conservation Association, announced the move online, after receiving an email from the company in response to its social media campaign.

The campaign which launched in the summer of 2017, placed pressure on eight major cosmetics companies to phase out PFASs.

In its email to the NCA, L’Oréal says it has “decided not to use PFASs any more” as part of its global sustainability programme.

‘The reformulation process is being completed and we are doing our utmost to remove PFAS topics. Please note that this applies to all L’Oréal-owned trademarks,’ the email continues.

Karin Lexén, general secretary of the NCA, called the company’s announcement an ‘amazing result’…

The NGO’s website says its campaign focused on the chemicals because of concerns they do not biodegrade well and are suspected of carcinogenicity and affecting the liver, immune system and reproduction…

L’Oréal follows H&M, Lumene, the Body Shop, Isadora and Kicks in committing to phasing out PFASs…

The NCA is calling for an EU ban on PFASs in cosmetics products, but encourages companies to phase them out voluntarily in the meantime.”

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