“PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, MI — State health officials have issued a ‘do not eat’ advisory for fish caught in three ponds near a Belmont development because of PFOS contamination…

The advisory is for fish caught in ponds at 4300 Cannonsburg Road NE near the Boulder Creek development.

Surface water samples from the ponds, collected May 30, came back from a lab with results of 858 parts-per-trillion, 2760 ppt and 1,830 ppt.

PFOS is perfluorooctane sulfonate, a substance closely related to perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

The area along Cannonsburg Road is near the former Northeast Gravel Pit where Wolverine World Wide tannery waste was dumped in the 1970s.

The gravel pit was redeveloped into the Boulder Creek Golf Club.

State health leaders say the sampling results indicate a ‘reasonable expectation’ that fish caught in the ponds could have elevated levels of PFOS.”

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