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Federal advice on PFAS ban differs from NSW verdict

“LABOR has slammed State Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton over claims the NSW gornment “cannot” ban the chemicals at the centre of the Williamtown contamination scandal.

Responding to questions about whether NSW would follow Queensland and South Australia in banning PFAS chemicals, Ms Upton said the Berejiklian government was unable to do so.

‘This government cannot ban PFAS,’ Ms Upton said.

‘The responsibility for that lies directly at the feet of the federal government and the things it has done.’

The Environment Minister also claimed the state government had been doing a lot of work when it came to PFAS despite it being a federal issue.

‘In those areas where PFAS substances have been unearthed as a potential contaminant of our environment, we have done some important work,’ she said.

Australia is one of only a handful of countries not to have banned PFAS chemicals, a precedent Port Stephens MP Kate Washington said the government should follow.”

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