“Environmental Protection Agency officials are expected to visit Horsham in July for a high-profile public meeting on perfluorinated chemical contamination, one of few such sites selected as the agency tours the country this summer.

Horsham, along with neighboring Warminster and Warrington, has struggled with drinking water contamination by the chemicals, also known as PFAS, in recent years. In 2016, this news organization reported that the levels of PFAS in the three water systems were among the highest in the country, and that levels of some illnesses linked to the compounds appeared elevated. All three water authorities have since implemented ‘non-detect plans’ for the chemicals that have removed them from the water supplies.

The chemicals have also been found in scores of communities across the country, with some estimates showing that tens of millions, and potentially more than 100 million, Americans have some level of the chemicals in their drinking water.

Over the past year, the EPA, under administrator Scott Pruitt, has focused on PFAS chemicals. In May, the agency held a National Leadership Summit on the chemicals in Washington, D.C. The meeting brought together industry groups, environmental nonprofits, affected residents, and state and federal officials to discuss nationwide contamination issues. Press access to the summit was restricted…

The agency held its first community meeting Monday and Tuesday in Exeter, New Hampshire. Information released by the agency showed the meeting included a ‘public listening’ session and a ‘working session.’ Residents were each given three minutes to speak at the former session, while the latter session was devoted to providing ‘tools’ to communities and regulators in addressing PFAS contamination.

The EPA has not said what other communities it intends to visit this summer. However, an email from an EPA employee obtained by this news organization stated the EPA would hold a session in Horsham on July 25. Separately, a member of the public actively engaged on PFAS issues told this news organization that Peter Grevatt, of the EPA’s Office of Water, recently said that a community engagement session will be held in Pennsylvania.

This news organization reached out to Horsham Township manager William Walker after learning of the meeting and asked for additional information. Walker confirmed the meeting would be held July 25 at Hatboro-Horsham High School. Walker said he had not been given further information but was told details such as the time and agenda would be forthcoming…

The apparent selection of Horsham comes about a month after U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Allentown, sent a letter to Pruitt asking EPA officials to visit southeast Pennsylvania.”

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