Related — ACT Fire and Rescue backtracks on comments about PFAS still being carried on trucks

“Toxic foams linked to contamination at three ACT sites are still being carried on territory fire trucks more than 13 years after they were officially phased out…

An ACT government spokesman said all extinguishers containing film-forming foams had been phased out and replaced in early 2017.

But Emergency Services Commissioner Dominic Lane said a small number of PFAS extinguishers still existed within ACT Fire and Rescue, and a far greater number likely existed in petrol stations and apartments throughout the territory.

‘They are not only on fire trucks, they are at petrol stations and in homes. Those nine litre cannisters still exist,’ he said…

‘The phasing out of AFFF foam concentrate by ACT Fire and Rescue commenced in September 2004 and it was completely withdrawn from service in April 2005 and replaced with fluorine-free concentrate,’ officials wrote.

‘ACT Fire and Rescue still carry nine litre AFFF fire extinguishers on fire fighting vehicles, with these currently being replaced with fluorine-free alternatives.’

Mr Lane said it made sense to drop PFAS foams from the fire service.

There was a weaker case for immediately withdrawing them from places such as petrol stations where they could prevent catastrophic fires and there was not yet a better alternative, Mr Lane added…

On Monday it was revealed that PFAS contamination had been confirmed at the old Charnwood fire station on Lhotsky Street, before the ACT government re-zoned the land and sold it to become a child care centre.

Contamination from PFAS chemicals has also been confirmed at the former Belconnen fire station on Lathlain Street, as well as at Canberra Airport.”

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