“RALEIGH – Federal regulators are sending their research out for peer review this month as the Environmental Protection Agency works on a GenX health goal.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s team studying GenX presented its review of past studies on the impact of the chemical on mice and rats Monday during Monday’s Secretaries’ Science Advisory Board in Raleigh. The EPA announced in May that it will develop a toxicity value for GenX and related compounds. No federal standards — enforceable levels, unlike goals — exist for the compound. Researchers at the EPA said Monday GenX has adverse effects in the liver, developing fetus, blood and immune systems of mice and rats, based on a review of both public studies and research conducted by DuPont and Chemours.

‘The liver is the primary target of toxicity,’ said Brittany Jacobs, a biologist in the EPA’s Office of Water. ‘Effects are observed in both male and female mice and rats at varying durations of exposures and doses and are the endpoints that are observed at the lowest doses of exposure to these chemicals.’

But Jacobs cautioned there is very little data on the impact GenX has on humans…

When asked to present a hypothesis to the board, Jacobs declined, adding more research is needed.

Betsy Behl, director of the Health and Ecological Criteria Division Office of Science and Technology, said the EPA’s research will go out for peer review this month with hopes to publish it in September 2018.

A timeline on when a toxicity value for GenX will be released was not discussed.”

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