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“An investigation into the presence of PFAS chemicals in and around the Bandiana Military Base will progress to testing levels in plants and animals.

The same testing was done in Williamtown in NSW, where residents are now taking the Department of Defence to court over the contamination.

The Wodonga community was first notified in August 2017 a detailed site investigation would be undertaken into the spread of the chemicals, historically used in firefighting foam at Defence sites.

Defence is now preparing to publish the report, the findings of which have warranted the investigation to move into a third phase.

‘Once the reviews are complete, the finalised report will be published and presented to the local community at a community walk-in session in the third quarter of 2018.

‘Based on the initial findings of the DSI, it has been determined that a Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment will be conducted to assess the potential PFAS exposure risks to people, plants and animals.

‘The HHERA methodology is being developed with sampling expected to commence shortly.’

The investigation area extends from Killara in the east to Melrose Drive in the West, and runs north until the NSW boundary line, encompassing the Murray and Kiewa rivers.”

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