“A year after news broke that Chemours had been releasing unregulated, industrial compounds into the Cape Fear River for decades, the company ended its silence with a town hall meeting Tuesday night.

But the chemical manufacturer has a lot of work to do to rehabilitate its battered corporate image.

Chemours plant manager Brian Long had a clear message to the roughly 250 people in attendance Tuesday night.

‘We’re gonna fix this,’ Long said…

But for many at the town hall meeting held at a church not far from the Chemours plant, no amount of remediation will suffice.

‘Sir…he did not answer the question…are y’all gonna buy my house?’ posed resident Jonathan Webb, when Long tried to dance around a direct question about whether the company would compensate people for lost property value.

Whenever Long spoke, Webb continually held up a sign calling the Chemours plant manager a liar and a puppet.

A Bladen County sheriff’s deputy asked Webb to leave the building when he wouldn’t stop interrupting the proceedings.

Webb left peacefully and spoke outside with reporters.

‘This is ridiculous,’ Webb said. ‘This is another Erin Brockovich part 2’…

Outside the church following the meeting, long-time Bladen County resident Deborah Belle said she came seeking the truth — and did not get what she was looking for.”

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