“An 11-year-old Katherine boy’s blood test for PFAS has revealed contamination levels which have both alarmed and outraged his parents.

‘If Katherine needs a wake-up call, especially its leaders who seem to be in denial, then surely this is it,’ the boy’s father said.

While the Federal Government’s ‘allowance” for PFOS at this age are 18 nanograms per millilitre, the boy’s result was 102.

Another PFAS chemical called PFHxS, which has no specific allowable limit yet so the government advises medicos to use the PFOS number, was found in the boy’s bloodstream at 110 nanograms per millilitre.

The Katherine Times has agreed with the boy’s family to protect their identity and they have shared their result with us.

Their son received his results this week from Dr P.J. Spafford who is undertaking blood testing of Katherine residents on behalf of the Federal Department of Health.

Dr Spafford has already warned the department from the initial tests alarming results were already showing up in Katherine.”

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