“Katherine residents will still have a fight on their hands to secure the necessary money for a new water treatment plant.

The Federal Government’s announcement of  $55.2 million over five years from 2018-19 for a drinking water program does not include the plant.

The NT Government has identified the need to build a plant 10 times the size of the emergency plant currently in operation to scrub PFAS from the town’s water.

The emergency plant, costing $4 million, has been paid for by Defence to clean one megalitre a day when officials say 10 megalitres will need to be cleaned.

No price has yet been put on the new plant which Power and Water officials last week said could be up to two years away.

A  spokeswoman for the Department of the Environment and Energy said the Government will provide $55.2 million over five years from 2018-19 for a drinking water program ‘to remove exposure pathways for eligible community members identified through Commonwealth PFAS investigations’.

‘The program, which has commenced, is for property owners in communities surrounding Army Aviation Centre Oakey and RAAF Bases Williamtown, Tindal and Pearce, who use bores as their primary source of drinking water, and where PFAS is present at levels above the drinking water guidance value,’ the spokeswoman said.

‘Where possible, eligible property owners will be offered connection to reticulated town water. If a property cannot be connected to reticulated water, new or additional rainwater tanks will be provided where sufficient catchment exists, or can be installed, to meet the domestic requirements of the property.’ ”

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